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Small Business Employee Time Clock Software, Single PC, Up to 100 Employees (Windows XP,Vista,7,8 or 10) , No Monthly Fees, Touch Screen Ready

  • SINGLE (1) PC, Employee Time Clock Software for up to 100 Employees, Free Unlimited Support!
  • Administrative, Employee and Master Passwords all Changeable, One time Purchase, CD with Download Option, No Monthly Fees! 90 - DAY RETURN GUARANTEE! Made in the USA!
  • Paid Breaks In/Out Buttons Option, Touch Screen Ready or Use Keyboard & Mouse, No Time Cards, Ink Ribbons to buy or Punch Clock maintenance fees.
  • Quickly view or print employee time sheets and No Errors! For Windows XP,Vista,7,8 & 10
  • Automatically Calculates Hour Totals, Unique Overtime Monitor Feature Helps Control Overtime

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