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Acroprint 150AR3 Time Clock

About the Acroprint 150AR3

The Acroprint 150AR3 is a heavy duty, mechanical, side-printing time clock. These clocks are suitable for time and attendance tracking, job costing, time and date recording and many other applications.

They work by using a raised-character type wheel that stamps time onto a time card, making a distinctive ka-chunk sound.

The Model 150AR3 is factory built to print Day, Hour (1-12) and Minutes. The month is advanced manually.The sturdy print mechanism is activated simply by inserting any standard time card. This model comes with a large, easy-to-read analog clock face. Operates on 120 VAC, 60Hz. Made in the USA and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Acroprint 150AR3

Heavy Duty Time Clock: Prints Day, Hour, Minute (M 1 54)


Acroprint 09-1123-000

Weekly Time Cards, Box of 1000, Certified Genuine


Acroprint 09-2109-000

Bi-Weekly Time Cards, Box of 1000, Certified Genuine


Acroprint 20-0106-002

Genuine Ribbon for Acroprint 125 & 150 Time Clocks, Blue (Minimum Qty of 2)


Acroprint 20-0106-006

Genuine Ribbon for Acroprint 125 & 150 Time Clocks, Black (Minimum Qty of 2)


Acroprint 81-0121-000

Time Card Rack, 10 Pocket, Plastic, Expandable


Acroprint 81-0118-000

Time Card Rack, 25 Pocket, Plastic, Expandable


Acroprint 45-0150-003

Keys for Acroprint 150 & 125 Time Clocks, Set of 2 (Minimum Qty of 2)


Acroprint 150 Manual

Acroprint General Service Instructions Models 125 and 150 Recorders


Top 5 reasons to consider the Acroprint 150AR3

  • The price fits your budget
  • You have less than 40 employees
  • You want a durable, standalone clock that prints on time cards
  • You don't mind totaling the hours
  • You want a clock that stands up to rugged use

Acroprint 150AR3 features

  • Automatic heavy duty time recorder prints day, hour (1-12), minutes.
  • One-hand operation, made for rugged use and harsh environments
  • Lifetime warranty on print wheel and 2-year warranty on all other parts
  • Long-lasting inked ribbon with auto-reverse for continual printing
  • Withstands thousands of print registrations per day

Acroprint 150AR3 specifications

  • Item Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10.25 x 8.25 x 12.25 inches