Best Calculating Time Clocks

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About calculating time clocks

Calculating (or totaling) time clocks are for those who prefer using paper time cards, but want the machine to add the hours. Each calculating time clock uses special numbered time cards provided by the manufacturer, then prints a running total through the pay period on the card.

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More about calculating time clocks

Calculating time clocks load a time card like bread in a toaster. One advantage is self-alignment. The machine aligns and prints on the correct line for you, thus avoiding overprint mistakes.

The biggest advantage is totalizing. Each machine prints an accumulated total on each time card. No need to manually add hours for payroll.

Calculating clocks require special time cards purchased from each respective manufacturer. Each card is numbered and tells the machine how to calculate the hours during the pay period. So make sure to have enough cards on hand for employees to clock in.

If you're replacing a clock that you've been happy with, then stay with the same brand. More than likely it will give you the same quality service.