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Lathem 700E Calculating Time Clock

The 700E is a fully-automatic simple calculating time clock that can be used to track time for up to 100 employees. It can be setup to either calculate total hours or simply print the date and time employees clock in and out. With support for any pay period, exact minute or rounding time format, and ease of use, the 700E is a great option for any employee time tracking system. The 700E requires Lathem E17 time cards.

Dual Modes - Calculating or Non-Calculating

DualMode feature allows you to set the 700E time clock to either Calculating or Non-Calculating mode. In Calculating mode, the 700E will calculate the hours the employee worked and will add them to a running total for that time period on the employee's time card. The time card will show Month, Year, Day of the Week, Date and the Calculations. This is just one of 14 Payroll Modes! Employee time can be tracked in exact minutes or can be rounded and can be shown in standard minutes or as hundredths of an hour. In Non-Calculating mode, the 700E simply records the times in and out across all six columns of the time card.

Easy One-Hand Operation

All employees have to do to clock in or out is insert the 700E's unique E17 barcoded time card into the top and the time clock will automatically feed the card into the correct alignment, print the information, and eject the card. Employees can do everything with one hand, making the process quick and simple.

SmartClock Technology

SmartClock technology with perpetual calendar retains time, date and settings during power outages, and auto-adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and Leap Years.

A Variety of Pay Periods

The 700E can be set to handle a variety of different pay periods. You can record and calculate hours for up to 100 employees by the week or month. Bi-weekly and semi-monthly pay period options are also available. Employee time can be recorded in exact minutes or can be rounded and can be shown in standard minutes or as hundredths of an hour. Their time cards can be printed in either AM/PM format or 24-hour format.


  • Fully automatic time clock for up to 100 employees
  • Supports weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods
  • Employee identification using E17 bar coded time cards, provides automatic top card feed, punch alignment and print activation for -simple one-hand operation
  • Display and print 1-12 AM/PM or 24 Hour format
  • Print time in regular minutes (00-59) or hundredths of an hour (.00-.98)

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