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About Compumatic

Compumatic Time Recorders, Inc. is a full service provider of time clocks & attendance tracking solutions located in Long Island, New York. They have been in business for over 40 years and provide a full line of Compumatic brand time clocks and accessories.

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Compumatic time clock systems

Systems include time clock terminal and Windows-based Compumtime101 time clock software with 25 employee license (upgrades available). If you need a second terminal, the price is the same.

Compumatic time clocks

Traditional time clocks that print on paper time cards. These clocks typically last for years.

Compumatic time clock ribbons

Save money with Compumatic's high quality replacement ribbons.

Compumatic time cards

Time cards designed for Compumatic time clocks.

Compumatic time clock proximity badges & fobs

Compatible with XLS21, CFR-2020, or MultiBio. Employees clock in/out by waving the badge (or fob) in front of the clock.

Compumatic time clock software upgrades

Purchase upgrade license keys for Compumatic Computime101 software.

Compumatic time clock racks

Keep time cards organized. Some businesses use two racks, one on each side of the time clock, this helps show if an employee is clocked in or not.

Compumatic time clock batteries

Keeps you MP550 or XL1000E operational during power failure. Up to 400 punches or 24 hours.

Compumatic time clock keys

Lose you keys? We've got you covered.