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About proximity time clocks

Proximity time clocks are for those who want employees to clock in/out using a PIN or by waving an RFID proximity badge or card. Each proximity time clock includes an RFID proximity reader that triggers when a proximity badge is within an inch or two.

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Best standalone proximity time clock systems

Proximity time clock systems that do not require a monthly fee. Each includes an RFID proximty time clock device along with some type of time clock software.

Best online proximity time clock systems

Proximity time clock terminals that connect to a cloud-based service. Each online time clock system has it's own set of features and pricing.

More about proximity time clocks

With proximity time clocks, employees clock by waving a badge.

It works using radio frequencies. When the badge (or card) is in proximity to the clock, the clock reads the ID and records the time. Employees just have to wave it close enough for the clock to read.

It's probably the fastest way for employees to clock in, with the added bonus of touch-less. No paper card to mess with, no buttons to push, no failing finger reader, it just works.

Some time clock terminals have both biometrics and proximity readers. With that, for example, you can verify a badge swipe by touching your finger to the sensor. Or if the reliability of the finger sensor is less than perfect, you can have employees use their badge instead.

Because proximity clocks are so easy, we highly recommend them. Use them if employees are supervised as they clock in, or if buddy punching is not a concern. Use them too, if your risk of storing biometric data is high, or if employees push back on using biometric clocks.