Best Side-Printing Time Clocks

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About side-printing time clocks

Side-printing time clocks are for those who want a multi-purpose machine to handle time cards, and document stamping. Each machine requires manual alignment of the card (or document) before printing. With the exception of the Lathem 2100HD, all machines can use any generic time card.

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More about side-printing time clocks

Side-printing time clocks have the advantage of being multi-purpose. Perfect for any office needing both a time clock and document stamp.

Beside printing time stamps, then can also print messages such as PAID.

Another advantage is they use any generic time card. No special time cards required. The exception is Lathem, as they offer Tru-Align time cards that help prevent double printing.

From our experience, there really isn't much difference on how each clock functions. They're basically all the same, with the exception of clocks that also print numbers, or multiple lines.

As the old saying, "you get what you pay for", the more expensive clocks generally last longer. They're built with more durable casings and components. They may have extra features too. However saving money also makes sense.

If you're replacing a clock that you've been happy with, then stay with the same brand. More than likely it will give you the same quality service.