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Price and rank updated 06/24/2022

The 3700 Heavy Duty time clock and document stamp is constructed of industrial-grade steel to withstand harsh workplaces, perfect for garages, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and environments with dirt, debris or damage potential.

Keep track of employee time and attendance, job costs, or stamp the date, time and up to 14 pre-programmed message options on time-sensitive documents, such as incoming mail, attendance logs, or legal paperwork.

Wall mount or freestanding desktop.

  • Constructed of heavy duty, industrial-grade steel
  • 14 pre-programmed message options
  • Tracks job costs, records employee time and attendance and stamps documents
  • Flexible time card and document side loading with print indicator
  • Automatic reset for short months, leap year and Daylight Saving Time
  • Displays time, date and day of week on easy-to-read, back-lit LCD screen
  • Tamper-proof security lock helps protect against time theft
  • Made in USA

Fast & Simple setup

A simple setup menu makes it easy to pick your settings and start tracking employee time or time stamp documents.

Flexible pay periods

This time clock tracks weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or semi-monthly pay periods for an unlimited number of employees.

Records punches or stamps paperwork

This multi-purpose time clock records employee In and Out punches or time stamps business documents with the time, date and up to 14 preset messages.

Easy to use

Features an alignment indicator and side loading document feed. Constructed of industrial-grade steel to withstand harsh workplaces.


  • Pyramid 3700 Heavy Duty Time Clock & Document Stamp
  • 25 Time Cards
  • One Long-Lasting Ink Ribbon Cartridge
  • Two Security Keys
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • 12 Hour (AM/PM) or 24 Hour (Military) time format

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