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About Amano Cincinnati

As a brief history, Cincinnati Time Recorder was established in 1986 as a manufacturer of time recorders for the US market. Amano, on the other hand, was founded in 1932 as a manufacturer of time recorders for the Japanese market. In 1991, Amano acquired Cincinnati Time Recorder and is known today as Amano Cincinnati Inc.

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Amano time clock terminals for hosted Time Guardian

Hosted Time Guardian is Amano's cloud-based time clock software starting at $25/month. Access from any desktop, laptop, or phone. Purchase your terminals here. Once you receive your clock, enter the serial number in your Hosted Time Guardian account. Note: these clocks are exclusive to Hosted Time Guardian, and are not designed for Time Guardian for Windows.

Sign up for Hosted Time Guardian. Time Clock Deals is an authorized reseller.

Amano time clock systems with Time Guardian PC software

Don't want to use the cloud? Amano offers Time Guardian software for Windows. Purchase a starting system that includes one terminal with Time Guardian software (100 employee license). Upgrades are available.

Amano time clocks only for Time Guardian PC software

Terminals without software. Purchase additional terminals for your Windows Time Guardian software system here.

Amano Time Guardian time clock software upgrades

Customize your Time Guardian Windows software with these upgrade options.

Amano Time Guardian time clock software support contracts

Ensure you have support when you need it.

Amano time clocks

All Amano time clocks are manufuactured in Loveland, Ohio USA.

Amano time cards

We have time cards for all Amano models.

Amano proximity badges

Compatible with all Amano Time Guardian terminals

Amano time clock ribbons

We have ribbons for all Amano models.

Amano time clock keys

Missing your time clock keys? We've got you covered.

Amano time clock batteries and kits

Full power reserve batteries and more.