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About Webtimeclock

Easy and affordable. Webtimeclock was launched in 2003 as one of the first web-based employee time clock systems, and offer a full line of features including optional full-service payroll. Priced for any business at only $2/person/month.

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Webtimeclock time clocks

Webtimeclock has partnered with Compumatic to offer cloud time clocks. Enter your clock's serial number in your Webtimeclock account, then connect your clock via WiF or Ethernet.

Webtimeclock time clock proximity badges & fobs

Compatible with Compumatic XLS21, CFR-2020, or MultiBio. Employees clock in/out by waving the badge (or fob) in front of the clock.

Webtimeclock features

  • Geofencing
  • PTO/Sick accruals
  • Time off requests and approvals
  • Team messaging
  • Employee scheduling
  • Tip tracking
  • Who's working report
  • And much more