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Price and rank updated 09/09/2022

uPunch caused waves with their low-priced top-loading time clocks. Now they've done it again with their side-print CR1000.

Now already a top seller on Amazon, the CR1000 is a nicely designed, side-printing, multi-use machine, that can be used both as a time clock and document stamp.

If you are not familiar, this type of clock prints by inserting a card or document in its side slot. A window helps you align the document before it's printed.

For example, a typical weekly time card will have 4 rows for each day. The employee aligns the card to print on the correct row each time they punch.

Customer tend to choose this kind of clock for its versatility. Tracking time, time stamping documents, or even job costing.

The CR1000 is very easy to use, can be used with unlimited employees (within reason) and works with any pay period.

The package shown above comes with everything you need to get started.

  • (1) uPunch CR1000 time clock (of course)
  • (50) uPunch time cards
  • (1) ribbon cartridge
  • (2) metal case keys

Be aware the CR1000 does not calculate or total the hours on the time card. For that, you'll need to look at calculating time clocks instead.

And like most electronics these days, the CR1000 is manufactured in Asia... which helps keep pricing really low. But if it matters to you, Amano still manufactures their clocks here in the US.

Who is it best for?

Companies with less than 50 employees, or offices that need a lower volume time stamp. We recommend using it in dust-free environments.

How do employees clock in?

If used as a time clock, employees first insert their time card in the side slot, once fully inserted the clock will automatically print on their card as shown below.

uPunch CR1000 window

How does it help prepare payroll?

Again, the CR1000 does not calculate hours. However, uPunch offers a free cloud application to calculate and total each time card. You still have to manually enter each time stamp, but hey, it's free.

uPunch cloud software

What are the features?

Multi-use. Can be used as both a time clock and document stamp with adjustable print positions.

Includes a large window in the cover (larger than most). Allowing you to align cards or documents easier.

Automatic time adjustment for daylight savings, and year changes.

Has a small set of preset messages such as PAID and RCVD, that can be printed in English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Can be mounted on a desktop or wall. Includes all necessary hardware.

Unlike other clocks, uPunch offers a 2-year warranty (most others only offer 1-year). They also offer free support for as long as you own the clock. Which is a pretty good deal.

Speaking of warranties, uPunch also offers a lifetime warranty on the clock. To get this, you'll need to sign up for their time card auto fulfillment plan. Something to consider.

uPunch CR1000 features uPunch CR1000 document stamp

uPunch CR1000 - Employee Punching

uPunch CR1000 - Unpacking & Power-Up

uPunch CR1000 - Time Clock Configuration

uPunch CR1000 - Print Order Settings


The uPunch CR1000 is a good choice if you're looking for an affordable side-printing time clock. It includes features to get the job done, comes bundled with accessories, and is backed by free support.

Best used if you're on a budget, need a versatile time stamp, and have a dust-free environment.


  • Large window to align cards and documents
  • Free cloud software to save time records and run reports
  • Automatically adjust for daylight savings
  • Generous warranty and free support
  • Better than average support


  • Does not calculate or total hours on timecard
  • Requires timecards and ribbon

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