Lathem LT5000 Multi-Function Time and Date Stamp

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Lathem LT5000 Multi-Function Time and Date Stamp

About the Lathem LT5000

The Lathem LT5000 is a heavy duty, multi-function time, date, and numbering stamp. It provides an efficient, cost effective way to register time, date, numbers and customized messages on your important documents. It also provides two-line printing on one pass.

Unlike other dot-matrix time stamps, the LT5000 allows you to completely customize printing on up to two unique lines. Date, time, comments, custom text, and numbering counters can be set to fit your exact needs, and the patented printing method allows both lines to be printed in a single insertion in less than 1.3 seconds for fast and reliable operation.

Lathem LT5000

Heavy Duty Multi-Function Time and Date Stamp


Lathem VIS6007

Red Ribbon for E Series & LT5000 Clocks (Minimum Qty of 3)


Lathem VIS6008

Purple Ribbon for E Series & LT5000 Clocks (Minimum Qty of 3)


Lathem VIS6011

Black Ribbon for E Series & LT5000 Clocks (Minimum Qty of 3)


Lathem VIS6001

Rechargeable Operations Battery for LT5000 (up to 100 punches, or 24 hrs)


Lathem VSM0081

Keys for 7500E & LT5000 Time Clocks, Set of 2 (Minimum Qty of 3)


Lathem LT5000

Lathem LT5000 Electronic Time, Date & Numbering Stamp


Lathem LT5000

Lathem Model LT5000 User's Guide


Lathem LT5000 intro video

Lathem LT5000 - Revolutionary two-line printing

Insert your document only once and print 2 lines in less than 1.3 seconds with the LT5000 patented 2-line single insertion printing! Each print line can be configured independently with custom text or text and time/date and numbering options per line. Set up to 4 different custom print-sets and select which print-sets to stamp by using the LT5000 time stamp machine's quick selector buttons. Select print-sets on the fly, or program print-sets schedules.

Lathem LT5000 - Heavy duty, high cycle construction with SmartClock™ technology

Heavy-duty print mechanism supports up to half a million imprints, and an optional UPS battery allows for full operation printing for up to 24 hours or 100 prints during power failure. Highly accurate time base +/- 15 seconds per month uses SmartClock™ functionality which adjusts automatically for DST, automatic month changes, leap year and keeps all time and settings during power failure.

Lathem LT5000 - The flexibility of customized printing like no other document time stamp

The LT5000 lets you completely customize text, comments, numbering, date and time and print these formats on up to 2 lines. All of these can be set up as four different print-sets and quickly printed choosing A-D selector buttons on the device. Your custom print-sets are easily configured online by you when logging into your secure account at Even customize the date and time to fit your exact needs including 4-digit years, 24 hour or 1-12 AM/PM , regular minutes, tenth of an hour and even seconds. For unique document identification, a programmable 8-digit number can be appended to any print set and configured to advance and repeat based on your requirements. Once you have configured or made changes to your custom print-sets online, just download them to a standard USB flash drive, plug the flash drive into the LT5000 time stamp machine and you are ready to go. It is that simple.

Lathem LT5000 - An Innovative Time Stamp Machine

Watch this short video and see for yourself why the LT5000 time stamp machine is the world’s most innovative and flexible electronic time date and document stamp. Completely customizable, easy to use, built to last, and backed by the Lathem name, you can trust the LT5000 for all of your document stamping needs.

Lathem LT5000 features

  • Patented single insertion 2-line printing
  • Operate as document stamp, time clock, or numbering machine
  • Print custom text along with time & date
  • Choose from 30 standard print formats and 15 preset comments (PAID, SENT, etc.)
  • 8-digit sequential numbering option
  • Internal LED light illuminates print window
  • Maximum document thickness up to 3mm
  • Heavy-duty construction designed for ½ million print cycles
  • Manufacturer’s 1-Year Warranty

Lathem LT5000 specifications

  • Backlit Liquid Crystal Display Day, Month and Day of Week in any order 1-12 AM/PM Hours, or 0-23 Hours
  • USB2.0 specifications at full-speed (12Mbps) only
  • Device and print settings via
  • Text file of punch transactions with numbering (up to 1,000)
  • ABS plastic case with metal frame
  • 6.2"w x 7.1"d x 7.1"d (156w x 179d x 181h mm)
  • 4.0 lbs (1.8kg)
  • 120VAC 50/60Hz, 0.6A, 220-240VAC 50/60Hz, 0.4A
  • 23F-113F (-5-45C) (below 41F/5C affects quality of print and LCD display)
  • 20-80% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)