compumatic XLS 21 proximity time clock

XLS 21 Proximity Time Clock

Price and rank updated 05/11/2021

The Compumatic XLS 21 combines their CompuTime101 software (PC only) with a ZK Technology Wi-Fi proximity terminal. This offering comes with a software license for 25 employees, but is upgradable if you need more.

We find using proximity badge systems a great way to collect punches. They don't require personal biometric information, they are fast and easy to use, and they don't require a PIN number.

It works by first assigning a badge number to each employee. The RFID reader in the clock reads that number as the badge is waved in front of the device to clock them in.

What comes in the package?

  • XLS 21 v2 time clock terminal
  • CompuTime101 software for 25 employees (Upgradable) (PC only)
  • 6ft ethernet cable
  • AC power supply
  • Mounting hardware
  • Quick setup guide
  • Free 90 days support
  • One-year warranty

Who is it best for?

Companies wanting a reliable, proximity time clock system, but without the monthly fees. Best used in an office environment, or anywhere without extreme temperatures or dampness.

How do employees clock in?

Employees wave their RFID badge in front of the clock. About an inch or two. When the punch is successful, it plays an audio confirmation.

How does it help prepare payroll?

The CompuTime101 PC software will summarize all employee hours. It will also lets you export data formatted for several payroll types such as QuickBooks, ADP, and PayChex.

What are the hardware features?

  • Use as a pin entry clock or with proximity badge cards or proximity keychain fobs
  • All XLS 21 clocks are “proximity enabled”. Pin entry clocks will also work with proximity badge cards or fobs, even if they are purchased separately
  • Built in battery backup protects data in memory (including punches and employees) in the event of power loss
  • High capacity punch memory stores thousands of transactions between downloads, constant computer connection is not required
  • 30,000 user capacity
  • WiFi, RS232 Serial AND Ethernet (TCP/IP) communication
  • Optional USB flash drive download (usb drive and adapter cable sold separately)
  • Password protection for both hardware & software prevents tampering
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty on terminal

What are the software features?

  • 25 employee capacity standard (upgrade at any time to 50, 100, 250, or unlimited)
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly pay periods supported
  • Unlimited punches per day
  • Unlimited departments
  • Overtime calculation available by day or week
  • Add benefit hours such as sick, vacation, personal, etc… or add your own custom hour types
  • Gross wage calculations
  • Shift rule available with the following settings:
  • In and out revision zones to control unauthorized overtime
  • Punch rounding
  • Automatic lunch deduction

CompuTime101 Employee List

CompumTime101 Employee List

CompuTime101 Punch Preview

CompumTime101 Punch Preview

What does Compumatic charge for support?

Compumatic offers free 90-day support for new CompuTime101 software purchases. However after 90 days, they will charge you. We always recommend purchasing the support agreement, unless you are confident you don't need it.

$149.00/year annual support. Includes unlimited support. Or pay $79 per incident. Compumatic is reasonable, if it's a simple question they may not charge you.

A support plan that is purchased with a new system starts after the end of the free 90 day support period. A support plan that is purchased while an existing support plan is in effect will start at the expiration of the existing support plan.


The Compumatic XLS 21 proximity is a good choice if you want a proximity time clock with no monthly fees. It includes a good quality terminal, with proven PC software with generous 90-day support.

Best used for clean, dry locations.


  • RFID Proximity terminal. Fast, easy, and secure
  • No monthly payments for software
  • Proven software that covers most situations


  • Requires special networking for multiple locations
  • Annual support fees, but not required