acroprint ET side print document stamp

ET Side Print Document Stamp

Price and rank updated 08/06/2022

If you date stamp several documents each day, a dot-matrix printer may not be your best choice. Consider the Acroprint ET. It prints using a mechanical type wheel that stands up to the heaviest demands.

Although it can be used as a time clock, the ET is best used as a document stamp. Including documents up to 1/14 inch thick. The only potential downside is the loud sound it makes, although necessary when you want to print through multiple carbon copies.

These stamps provide an efficient, cost-effective way to register year, month, date and time on important documents such as incoming mail, purchase orders and shipping/receiving.

What you get

  • Acroprint ET time stamp
  • One installed ribbon
  • Instructions
  • One year warranty


  • Heavy duty document stamp without display
  • Accepts documents up to 1/4-Inch thick
  • Customizable plates available
  • Precision type wheels deliver a sharp, clean imprint that stands up to copies
  • Provides indisputable record of year, month, date and time
  • Withstands harsh environments and hundreds of print registrations per day
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Mounts on a desktop
  • Made in the USA

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