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Price and rank updated 04/19/2021

Acroprint's most popular TImeQplus time clock system.

The TQ600B biometric time clock system combines their successful TimeQplus network software (PC only) with an Acroprint TQ600B fingerprint terminal.

Fingerprint terminals are the most popular biometric devices in the US. Employees simply touch a sensor withe their finger. No badges or PIN numbers required.

It works by first registering a fingerprint from each employee. It creates a mathematical measurement of the fingerprint, a "template", not the fingerprint itself. When someone touches the sensor, it finds the matching template to clock them in.

Is it legal?

Yes, but like all biometric systems we highly recommend you get employee consent before using the system. Have each of them sign a consent form that explains the process. Please consult with an attorney if there are any regulations in your state.

What comes in the package?

  • (1) TQ600B fingerprint terminal
  • (1) TimeQplus Network software license for 125 employees (Upgradable) (PC only)
  • (1) User manual
  • AC power supply
  • Mounting hardware
  • Free 30 days support
  • 2-year warranty

Who is it best for?

Companies wanting a fast, easy way for employees to clock in. Typically best in office environments as the device requires clean fingers.

How do employees clock in?

Employees place their registered finger on the sensor. When the punch is successful, it plays an audio confirmation.

Acroprint TimeQplus biometric terminal

How does it help prepare payroll?

The TimeQplus PC software will summarize all employee hours. It will also lets you export data formatted for several payroll types such as QuickBooks, ADP, and PayChex.

What are the features?

  • Tracks work codes for job costing
  • Two classes of overtime plus 7th day overtime.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay periods.
  • Up to 12 shifts or work groups, each with their own start/stop times and configurable shift rules.
  • Three user permission levels for enhanced security: administrator, supervisor and employee.
  • Software interface and terminals configurable in your choice of English, Spanish or French.
  • Displays hours worked and in/out status on terminal when employee clocks in or out.
  • Calculates, displays and prints a range of reports to help you proactively manage labor costs.
  • Average Hours Worked report supports ACA reporting requirements.
  • Includes an electronic In/Out board.
  • Supervisors can easily review, edit and approve time for their assigned employees at the PC.

What do they charge for support?

Acroprint offers free 30-day support for new TimeQplus software purchases. However after 30 days, they will charge you. Just so there are no surprises, here are the two options Acroprint gives for TQ600B support. We always recommend purchasing the support agreement, unless you are confident you don't need it.

  1. $75.00 per incident per ½ hour
  2. $169.00/year annual support. Includes unlimited support, and free upgrades

Unboxing TimeQplus biometric

TimeQplus overview


The Acroprint TimeQplus biometric is a good choice if you want a fingerprint time clock with no monthly fees. It includes a good quality terminal, with proven PC software with free 30-day support.

Best used for clean, dry locations needing biometric time and attendance.


  • Fingerprint terminal. Fast, easy, and secure
  • No monthly payments for software
  • Proven software that covers most situations


  • Requires special networking for multiple locations
  • High support charges

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