aibecy FACE fingerprint time clock

Face Fingerprint Time Clock

Price and rank updated 09/09/2022

The Aibecy Face is a facial recognition time clock that does not include software. Data is downloaded using usb drive.

Like most clocks in its class, the Aibecy Face is manufactured in Asia. It is also distributed by an Asian company. Because they are not located in the US, we suggest caution, although the financial risk is relatively low. Please read the reviews to be sure.


  • Identification time less than 1s with high standard fuzzy identification.
  • Adopting high speed 32 bit processor to high speed recognize and decrease error.
  • Huge storage space -- 300 face records, 1000 fingerprints and 100000 records memory capacity.
  • All voice prompts, easy operation, multilingual voice broadcast; support for multi-language -- Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese.
  • No need to install extra software, the attendance machine can import and export information through the U disk, automatically generate reports.

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