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Price and rank updated 08/06/2022

The Allied TIme AT-5000 is a fingerprint time clock with an unusual feature. It has an internal printer.

It's actually a stand alone device. There is no software to install, and no network configuration. Employees can either use their finger to clock in, or wave a proximity badge. Up to 4 punches per day. When done, time cards can printed with its internal thermal printer, or downloaded to your PC via an included USB memory stick.

Another convenient feature is an included operational battery. It keeps the clock powered for hours without AC.

Maybe not the most practical solution for a large group of employees, but might be handy for a small group.

What's in the package?

  • AT5000 fingerprint/RFID time clock
  • Wall mount hardware
  • USB memory stick
  • 5 RFID badges
  • One-year warranty
  • 30-days technical support


  • Fully self-contained, sets up in minutes - no software to install, no network to configure.
  • Data is transferred to and from the time clock via a USB Memory Stick (included).
  • Built-In Thermal printer allows time cards to be printed at the site
  • Built-In Battery Backup allows time clock to be operational for hours without AC power
  • Multiple Manager accounts can be setup to secure access to the clock.
  • Employees can clock in and out with finger scan or proximity badge up to 4 times daily
  • Stores up to 90,000 punches and accommodates up to 1,000 fingerprint templates
  • Stands upright on a tabletop or desk or may be wall-mounted, using the included bracket and mounting screws.
  • Designed for indoor use, with an operating temperature range of 32° F to 104° F (0° C to 40° C). Keep away from heat sources, such as radiators, and out of direct sunlight.

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Allied AT5000 Report

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