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Allied Time AT-2700 Time Clock

About the Allied Time AT-2700

The AT-2700 is a top-loading, non-calculating time clock with automatic time card feed and ejecting. No buttons to press, and no need to align the cards as you clock in, the clock does it for you. Backed by Allied Time, in business since 1967.

Allied Time AT-2700

Top-Loading, Non-Calculating Time Clock


Allied AT-2700 Cards

Time Cards for AT-2700 Time Clocks, 200 Pack


Allied AT-2700 Ribbons

Ribbons for AT-2700 Time Clocks, Two Pack


Top 5 reasons to consider the AT-2700

  • The price fits your budget
  • You have less than 25 employees
  • You want a standalone clock that prints on time cards
  • You don't mind totaling the hours
  • You want the machine to feed, align, and print

Allied Time AT-2700 video

Allied AT-2700 Features

Allied Time AT-2700 features

  • Supports Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-monthly or Monthly pay periods
  • Automatic Positioning of the card to prevent overprinting
  • Complete record of Current Pay Cycle being recorded
  • Easy-to-Use Top Loading Card Feed
  • Durable Dot-Matrix 9-pin Printing
  • Selectable AM/PM or 0-23 hour format
  • Large Easy-to-Read LED Display
  • Perpetual Calendar with Leap Years
  • Lithium Battery retains time, date, and program settings
  • Automatic Daylight Savings time changes
  • Quick Ribbon Cassette change
  • Maintains Time when AC power is off
  • Designed for Wall or Table Mounting
  • One Year Factory Warranty

Allied Time AT-2700 specifications

  • Dimensions: 7.5"H x 5.4"W x 4.25"D
  • Shipping Weight: 9 Lbs.
  • Power Supply: 110V 50/60HZ