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Allied Time AT-4500

About the Allied Time AT-4500

The AT-4500 is a calculating time clock for up to 50 employees. It records punches and will calculate regular and overtime hours on each time card.

Can be used for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly time totals. Features include automatic top card feed and alignment, rounded time options, optional auto lunch deduction, and selectable hour print formats (AM/PM or Military, minutes in 60s or 100s).

Allied Time AT-4500

Calculating Time Clock, up to 50 Employees


Allied AT-4500 Cards

Time Cards for AT-4500 Time Clocks, 200 Pack


Allied AT-4500 Ribbons

Ribbons for AT-4500 Time Clocks, Two Pack


Top 5 reasons to consider the AT-4500

  • The price fits your budget
  • You have less than 50 employees
  • You want a standalone clock that prints on time cards
  • You want the time clock to total hours on each time card
  • You want the machine to feed, align, and print automatically
Allied AT-4500 Features

Allied TIme AT-4500 features

  • Automatic Positioning of the card to prevent overprinting
  • Automatic Calculation of daily, weekly, 2-week, semi-monthly, or monthly time totals (simple schedules only, will not add up hours for 24 hr shifts!!)
  • Accommodates up to 50-Employees
  • Optional Daily and/or Weekly Overtime calculation
  • Easy setup - "ready to go" in just a few minutes
  • Auto adjusts for short months, leap year, daylight savings
  • Selectable AM/PM or 0-23 hour format
  • Standard (00-59) or decimal (00-99) minutes
  • Large Easy-to-Read Digital Clock Face
  • Optional Totals Rounding: 5, 10, or 15 minutes
  • Optional Auto-Lunch break deduction
  • Memory Backup retains time, date, and program settings
  • Quick Ribbon Cassette change
  • Designed for Wall or Table Mounting

Allied Time AT-4500 specfications

  • Dimensions: 9"H x 7.5"W x 5"D
  • Shipping Weight: 9 Lbs.
  • Power Supply: 115V, 60HZ