Amano MTX-30P/A968 PIN/Proximity Time Clock Only

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Amano MTX-30P/A968 PIN/Proximity Time Clock Only

About the Amano MTX-30P/A968

The Amano MTX-30P/A968 is a PIN/proximity time clock for Amano's Time Guardian PC software. Ethernet connectivity, does not come with WiFi.

Time clock only. Package does not include Time Guardian software.

  • If you need the MTX-30P with WiFi, consider the MTX-30P/A973.
  • If you need Time Guardian software, consider the MTX-30P/A974.

Amano MTX-30P/A968

PIN/Proximity Time Clock Only - for Time Guardian PC Software. No WiFi


Amano AMX-307800

Proximity RFID Badges for Amano, 20 Pack


Amano MTX-30 video

Amano MTX-30P/A968 features

  • Capable of transferring punches via USB thumb drive
  • Plug and play installation Wizard
  • Total hours for 100 employee
  • Interface ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex, Peachtree and more
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay periods
  • Automatic data polling and time synchronization
  • Ability to round totals to meet company policy
  • Unlimited number of departments, pay policies, schedules, and holidays
  • Tracks and reports wages, tips and bonuses
  • Signal relay for ringing bells
  • Ethernet or direct communications (direct wire included)
  • Eliminates manual calculation errors
  • Eliminates costly time cards
  • Easy and efficient way to manage your workforce
  • Reduces payroll management time