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Price and rank updated 08/06/2022

The Creative Time Solutions CTS-Face is a facial recognition time clock. Cloud software sold separately.

Facial Recognition & Fingerprint

  • 18.75/Month Start Minimum License is Required for Up to 15 Active Employees
  • Free shipping
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free lifetime technical support

No More Windows Problems when using the Cloud Attendance Solution for Business. Internet Down? No problem! Employees can Keep Clocking In/Out.

  • Time Card Approvals are standard with optional electronic signature approval.
  • Time Clock Remote/Self Enrollment.
  • Employee Benefit Hours
  • Missing Punch Request for Approval
  • FREE Payroll Interfaces (ADP, Paychex, QuickBook, Many Others)
  • Many Payroll Reports
  • Daily and Weekly Overtime
  • Punch Rounding
  • Time Card Approvals
  • Absentee/Tardy Reports
  • Scheduling
  • Work Coded w/Rates
  • Automatic Lunch & Minimum Lunch Enforcement
  • Paid Breaks
  • Lock Out Clock In/Out
  • Employee Self Service with Benefit Hours Balances and Hours Request to be Approved
  • Benefit Accruals based on Hours Worked or Employee's Years of Service or a Sum per Year
  • Strict California Lunch Rules exceptions report.

No installation, Access from Anywhere, Anytime with any browser. Add as many Employees and Clock Locations as You need and Look at all your Divisions and Departments from a Central Point. Complies with all USA Federal and State daily and weekly overtime rules.

Creative Time Solutions time clock software setup

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