Best Heavy-Duty Time Clocks

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About heavy-duty time clocks

Heavy-duty time clocks are for those who want a machine to stand up to constant use and/or harsher environments. Each machine is constructed with durable plastic or metal, and built to withstand higher demanding applications. All machines should be sheltered from weather.

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More about heavy-duty time clocks

Just as it implies, heavy-duty clocks are built for heavy use and harsher environments.

Best used in offices that require constant use, or even farms and factories. Just make sure they covered from the rain, and have AC power available.

The side-printing clocks can use any generic time card. The top-loading clocks require cards designed for the machine.

They may be tough, but doubtful they could withstand a sledge hammer ;)


Lathem Time offers the 2100HD. It comes in a durable case and uses a thermal process to print on time cards. So only Lathem's cards will work on this clock. We really like the product.

If you are looking for the old Lathem 2000 or 4000 series clocks, they don't make them anymore. The 2100HD is now their replacement.

Pyramid Time Systems

Their 3700 model uses the same internal components as the Pyramid 3500. The difference is the metal casing. They've sold this product for years, but still seems popular.


The ES900 is a more durable version of the Acroprint ES700. This also seems to sell very well.

If you are looking for the old 125 and 150 models, there have been availability issues. It's also not certain if Acroprint will continue manufacturing them. If they do, we'll add them to the list.


Last but no least, the Compumatic top-loading clocks are very tough. Built to last years. They are also backed by a company who will help with any questions.