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About IconTime

IconTime was founded in 1989 and offered one of the first automated time clock systems for the US, a combination of time clock terminal with PC software. Since then they changed their product line to include unique solutions that embed time clock software inside the clock itself. They were acquired by Paychex (the payroll company) in January 2012.

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IconTime TotalPass time clock systems

PLEASE NOTE: IconTime no longer manufactures the TotalPass time clock series. However, they will honor sales of upgrages and support agreements to existing clocks.

IconTime TotalPass proximity badges

Compatible with all TotalPass time clock systems. Employees clock in by waving the badge in front of the clock.

IconTime TotalPass upgrades

Upgrade your TotalPass with easy license codes. Increase employee capacity and/or web punch feature. Requires your TotalPass serial number.

IconTime TotalPass support plans

The TotalPass Care Packs are an affordable way to protect your time clock. Includes unlimited telephone and email support, software updates, and time clock replacement or repair.

IconTime TotalPass replacement keys

In case you lose your keys, we've got you covered. These keys are for any TotalPass wall-mount lock.