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IconTime TotalPass B600 Fingerprint Time Clock

About the IconTime TotalPass B600

Sorry, this product is no longer manufactured.

The TotalPass B600 is a standalone, fingerprint biometric, web-base time clock system. Connect it to your local network via WiFi or ethernet, then access the TotalPass web-based software from any browser within your network.

Employees clock in using a PIN or optional proximity badges. Licensed for 100 employees, but is upgradable to 500. System allows up to 32 clocks to be networked together.

TotalPass B600

IconTime TotalPass B600 Fingerprint Time Clock System

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TotalPass PRB-10

Proximity Badges for TotalPass, 10 Pack


TotalPass PRB-25

Proximity Badges for TotalPass, 25 Pack


TotalPass Web Punch

Web Punch Upgrade, Set of 5, TotalPass


TotalPass WET-250U

100 to 250 Employee Capacity Upgrade, B600


TotalPass SPT-B600

TotalPass B600 Annual Care Pack


TotalPass M1008-01

Keys for TotalPass, Set of 2 (Minimum Qty of 2)


TotalPass B600 video

IconTime TotalPass B600 features

  • No software to install, it's built into the clock
  • Includes everything needed to automatically calculate up to 100 employee timecards, for a one-time cost. Easily expandable up to 250, 500.
  • 100% employee identity verification with every single punch; built in camera to provide photo verification even in instance of failed finger scan.
  • Next-gen fingerprint sensor that resists scratches, electro-static discharge, corrosion and other stresses – delivering consistent performance in indoor, outdoor, hot, cold and other harsh environments
  • Built-in camera provides fail-safe protection for 100% employee verification
  • Patented self-enrollment wizard for easy employee onboarding
  • Detailed labor & timecard reports
  • Free exports to payroll for seamless integration
  • 15 Web Punch licenses included (expandable to up to 50 employees). Please Note: To enable proximity badge entry, you will need to disable biometric entry.
  • Multiple employee entry options: Fingerprint, PIN, Badge, or Web (PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet)
  • Comprehensive security – employee data is stored securely inside the clock
  • Complimentary payroll exports included QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks PRO, Premiere & Enterprise, Paylocity, Paycom, Paychex Flex etc Free API also available to create custom exports
  • Time clock can be managed either as a stand-alone system or network up to 32 time clocks over your LAN, WAN, VPN or Web.
  • Purchase includes 30 days of free support to get you up and running

TotalPass B600 includes

  • TotalPass B600 Time Clock
  • 100 Employee Capacity (upgradable to 500)
  • 15 Web Punch Licenses for mobile punching
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 15 ft. Ethernet Cable
  • Locking Mounting Plate with 2 Keys
  • 15 ft. USB Cable
  • Power Supply

Easy to use

  • Everything you need is included so you're up and running fast
  • Hassle-free setup eliminates the need for IT support
  • Self-enrollment makes it easy for employees to get started without help
  • Instantly detects your Wi-Fi network so you can connect fast

Efficient time tracking

  • Perfect accuracy, no more illegible timesheets
  • Customized email alerts – approaching overtime, punch notifications, backup reminders
  • Productivity tracking – tips, job numbers, piece counts
  • Benefit tracking – benefit accruals, custom overtime multipliers, revision zones
  • Free exports to payroll
  • Automatic backups to protect data
  • Access to your labor data helps you stay in compliance and respond to audits

Flexible options

  • Works for onsite and mobile employees
  • Multiple entry options: fingerprint, PIN, RFID proximity badge, or web punch
  • Manage the business from anywhere – approve timesheets, process payroll, generate reports
  • Grows with your business – connect up to 32 clocks for up to 500 employees
  • Customize Email Alerts to notify manager of missing/late punches, approaching overtime
  • Backup camera provides fail-safe way to verify employee identity

Optional Web Punch

If you have employees working from home or other remote locations, the TotalPass B600 will allow you to record time using Web Punch. This method adds remote punch capability by using the web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone. 15 Web Punch licenses are included with the TotalPass B600 model.

IconTime TotalPass B600 US-based support

IconTime's US-based team is ready to help get you up and running and the first 30 days of support are included with your clock. They are there if you need help with your time clock including:

  • Connecting the time clock to your network via USB, Network or Wi-Fi
  • Setting up your time clock
  • Selecting and adding optional features to your time clock like Web Punch or Proximity Cards
  • Repairs and warranties

IconTime TotalPass B600 specifications

  • Item weight: 3.05 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.25"W x 8"H