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Price and rank updated 08/06/2022

The Lathem PC700-WEB is a WiFi and web enabled time clock for a new work force.Using Windows CE technology, it allows employees the option of department transfers, as well as the ability for supervisors to communicate via messaging after an employee clocks in and much more. Additional features include, an RFID badge reader, a tri-color transaction indicator, built-in speaker, auto-update technology, a dry contact relay for access control and more.

The PC700-WEB requires a subscription to the PayClock Online software. PayClock Online gives you the freedom to manage time and attendance, run reports and export to payroll systems from anywhere, for fast and easy processing.

With PayClock Online you can integrate your data into all of the major payroll services such as ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex, and more using a web connected PC, Laptop or Macintosh computer.

Power at your Fingertips

The PC700-WEB time clock’s interactive touch screen display lets supervisors and employees manage time and attendance directly on the time clock. Supervisors can add employees, edit punches and send messages to individuals for fast and effective workforce management. Your employees have the ability to indicate department transfers, enter tip amounts, and view their total hours and benefit time information - all right at the PC700 time clock.

Proximity Badge Option

Your employees can use the clock with the convenience of swiping a proximity badge, optional key fob or entering a personal PIN. The PC700 has a built-in lithium battery backup that stores employee punch data and settings for up to 8 years, so if your WiFi or ethernet network goes down, employees can still clock in and out and record their time.

Built-In WiFi & Ethernet

The PC700 time clock with smart touch screen technology, is online ready. It has built-in web ready services when connected to your existing network via WiFi or Ethernet. This allows you to use the time clock through your network and with no need for a dedicated PC. The time clock offers employees different options to clock in/clock out and access information from the touch screen display.

SmartClock Technology

SmartClock technology ensures that you will never need to adjust the clock for Daylight Savings Time or Leap Years. It maintains a perpetual calendar that keeps the correct time and date and even retains all of the time clock settings in the event of a power outage.


  • PayClock Online software subscription required for editing, reporting, exporting and storing records
  • Use proximity badges or touch screen PIN entry
  • Allows department transfers, tip entry, viewing hours, and punch editing
  • Interfaces directly to QuickBooks, ADP and Paychex payroll applications
  • Uses WiFi or a standard Ethernet port for plug and play connection to network

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