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Price and rank updated 06/24/2022

The Lothill TimeDrop is pc-based time clock software. Includes biometric finger sensor.

TimeDrop® will quickly and securely clock your users in or out, organize time entries by department, class or project, allow you to manage permissions and provide real-time payroll and time & attendance reports.

The included 100% genuine digital 4500 series fingerprint reader and identity engine utilize optical scanning technology and produce an unmatched ability to recognize even the most difficult fingerprints.

So many great features that over 1,000+ users currently enjoy... all for one low price.

No worrying about monthly charges.

  • Free email, phone & remote assistance
  • Free software updates
  • Streamline end of day reporting
  • Fast and secure clock in & out
  • Connect and share information across multiple stations. (1 purchase per device required)

Feature Highlights of TimeDrop:

Easy In, Easy Out

Quickly clock in or out using a secure login or by the touch of a finger. Track hours and different pay rates by department/project as you clock in. Simple Reporting

Run one report, in either summary or detail, to see all accrued time and gross earnings for all or selected employees. Reports can be run by any range of dates allowing you the flexibility to run those reports when it's convenient for you. Enhanced Security

Keep prying eyes out of sensitive pay rate and system settings with configurable permissions. Manager override allows added control over allowing tardy employees. And so much more... including:

  • Overtime calculations
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Employee import/export

TimeDrop Time Clock Software Install and Overview

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