The Complete Minimum Wage and Tipped Minimum Wage List

Here is the complete list of current minimum wages throughout the United States.

Why our list instead of others?

Most lists show just regular minimum wage, typically on a map. We give you a scrollable list that's much easier to search. We also provide the tipped minimum wage for each state. And last, we link each state to their respective department of labor. Clicking on your state will take you there.

The US Federal government currently sets regular minimum wage at $7.25, with a tipped minimum wage at $2.13. It's up to each state to determine their own minimum wage, as long it does not fall below the US minimum. You can easily see from our list which states believe in a higher minimum wage and which states don't.

Tipped employees are defined as anyone who regularly receives at least $30 in tips per month. If you do, your employer is only obligated to pay a tipped minimum wage instead of a regular minimum wage.

If you are currently a minimum wage employee, understand that a minimum wage is just that. A minimum. There are employers who will pay you more.

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