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Price and rank updated 08/06/2022

The Timedox Silver Pro is a WiFi fingerprint time clock. Cloud software sold separately

The Timedox Silver Pro Time Clock, an all-purpose timeclock that helps you stay ahead of hours, and payroll needs. Complete with a biometric fingerprint scanner to reduce “buddy punching” and all the most important features you need to reduce expenditures and improve workflow, it’s ready to help you learn, grow, and thrive. Punches in and out are arranged automatically by the software.

  • Monthly subscription of $25 is required and supports unlimited employees and administrators.
  • No software installation required. Data is transferred via WiFi or LAN and uploaded to the cloud lite account.
  • Web And Mobile Attendance reporting option is available.
  • Punches arrange automatically no need to switch between IN and Out on the time clock, Support Holidays and Other absence reasons, Employees names can be created on the software
  • Overtime notifications when employees approach or meet overtime and/or violate break rules
  • Eliminate buddy punching, employees’ clock in or out with a fingerprint scan. Employees can also take a break, lunch, punches out of the scheduled shift will be eliminated. Exporting data to your payroll provider using CSV files
  • Easy Setup + Free Support. Don't Wait! Start Saving and Take Employee Management To The Next Level Today! The Customer Service Team is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • US Based

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