Best Top-Loading Time Clocks

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About top-loading time clocks

Top-loading time clocks are for those who want clocking to be as easy as possible for employees, but don't need the machine to add hours on the time card. Instead of manual alignment, each top-loading time clock automatically feeds the time card, and prints on the correct line.

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More about top-loading time clocks

Just like calculating time clocks, top-loading time clocks load a time card like bread in a toaster. The advantage is it aligns and prints on the correct line for you. No overprinting mistakes.

Top-loaders are an economical alternative to calculating time clocks. They do offer self-aligning, but don't calculate the hours for you. That you will have to do manually.

And like calculating time clocks, top-loaders require special time cards purchased from each respective manufacturer. So make sure you order enough cards on hand for employees to clock in.

If you're replacing a clock that you've been happy with, then stay with the same brand. More than likely it will give you the same quality service.