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uAttend BN6500 Fingerprint Time Clock

About the uAttend BN6500

The BN6500 is a fingerprint time clock terminal that connects to the uAttend cloud system. Connect the clock to you local network via WiFi or ethernet cable. Requires a uAttend subscription.

uAttend was built for businesses that need an easy-to-use, affordable, and reliable time and attendance system. The BN6500 allows users to quickly punch in and out using a finger, and it works anywhere with WiFi or by pugging it directly into a router.

uAttend BN6500

Fingerprint Online Time Clock for uAttend


Top 5 reasons to consider the uAttend BN6500

  • The price fits your budget
  • uAttend's cloud-based pricing fits your budget - see below
  • You have less than 100 employees
  • You want employees to clock using a fingerprint time clock
  • You want a time clock that uses cloud-based software

How the uAttend BN6500 works

  1. Buy the clock here at Time Clock Deals
  2. Click this link to create your uAttend account
  3. When your clock arrives, enter the serial in your uAttend account

BN6500 quick links

uAttend BN6500 video

uAttend BN6500 product details

  • Gain insights towards cost-effective scheduling with real-time overtime alerts when employees approach or meet overtime.
  • Streamline the payroll process when employees clock in or out with a swipe of the RFID card, sending real-time punches to the cloud.
  • Eliminate needless back and forth when employees request time off directly from the device.
  • Get accurate job reports to be used for invoicing or records by using job tracking to track two levels of job details.
  • Affordable monthly subscription required and includes lifetime free replacements and unlimited access to customer support 7 days a week.

uAttend BN6500 features

  • Protect your time tracking with offline mode — capture all punches with or without network connection for $2/month.
  • Biometric fingerprint sensor
  • All punch data sent to the cloud in real time
  • Job tracking, departments transfers, and break options on time clock
  • Set rules and policies in the cloud
  • Run reports and easily export data to any payroll system
  • Employees can view time their time cards on the clock
  • Required monthly subscription
  • Unlimited software upgrades, data storage, and customer support
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Smartphone App for Android or iPhone

About uAttend

uAttend is a cloud-based attendance software system for small business. Access all punch data anytime, anywhere. Features include...

  • Lockouts
  • Punch Rounding
  • Department Transfers
  • Overtime Alerts
  • Geofencing
  • PTO Management
  • Payroll Exports
  • Scheduling

uAttend monthly pricing

The required monthly subscription includes unlimited data, unlimited storage, free software upgrades for life, use of the smartphone app, web punching, and much more!

  • 1 - 9 Employees, $25/month
  • 10 - 19 Employees, $41/month
  • 20 - 49 Employees, $73/month
  • 50 - 99 Employees, $119/month
  • 100+ Employees, $159/month