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Price and rank updated 06/24/2022

In the battle of the economical time clocks, Allied Time offers the AT-2700 bundle. A nicely designed (yes, it's bright orange), non-calculating, across-the-card time clock, with a very unique feature... It's fully automatic.

If you are not familiar, this type of clock prints from left to right on the card for each day. In this case it prints on two columns, an IN and OUT. Allowing for as many punches as you need.

For example, employees can clock IN for the day, OUT/IN for breaks, and finally OUT for the day.

In that regard, the AT-2700 does the job. It's easy to use, can be used with up to 50 employees, and works with any pay period.

It comes with everything you need to get started.

  • (1) AT-2700 time clock
  • (1) Ribbon (installed)
  • (25) numbered time cards
  • (2) metal case keys

Be aware the AT-2700 does not calculate or total the hours on the time card. For that, you'll need to look at calculating time clocks instead.

And like most electronics these days, the AT-2700 is manufactured in Asia... which helps keep pricing really low. If interested, Amano still manufactures the clocks here in the US.

Who is it best for?

Companies with less than 50 employees. In fact its maximum is 50 because time cards are only numbered 1 thru 50. We also recommend using it in office environments. It's possible to use it in harsher environments (such as manufacturing shops), but we don't recommend it.

How do employees clock in?

Employees insert their time card into the top of the clock. That's it. The clock will feed the card, and print on the correct line. Automatically. They're not required to push any buttons.

Allied Time AT-2700 time card

How does it help prepare payroll?

Again, the AT-2700 does not calculate hours. If you are recording hours for payroll, you'll have to add the hours by hand. As a convenience, Allied Time offers a free phone app for off-line calculation, along with a free time card calculation widget on their website.

What are the features?

The AT-2700 prints on 2 columns instead of 4 or 6. Giving the employee the ability to punch as many times as needed during the day.

Like all clocks in its class, the AT-2700 automatically feeds and aligns the timecard into the machine. Thus preventing overprint errors.

Can be placed on a desktop or mounted to a wall. Comes with necessary hardware.

Unlike other clocks, Allied Time offers a 2-year warranty (most others only offer 1-year). They also offer free lifetime support if you ever have questions. Which is a pretty good deal.

Allied Time AT-2700


The Allied Time AT-2700 is a good choice if you're looking for a cheap, reliable time clock. It's backed by Allied Time (with friendly support), has some helpful features to get the job done, and comes bundled with supplies and accessories to get you going. Best used if you're on a budget, in an office environment, and don't mind totaling the hours on each card for each pay period.


  • Top-feeding and aligning. Drop the timecard in the slot, and the machine will (should) print on the correct line.
  • Better record keeping - It prints the day of the week, month, date, and time. It also prints the start and end date of the pay period.
  • Automatic printing
  • Automatically adjust for daylight savings
  • Better than average support


  • Does not calculate or total hours on timecard
  • Requires time cards designed specifically for the machine
  • Does not mark late arrivals
  • Does not include a signal or operate bells

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