uattend JR2000 fingerprint time clock

JR2000 Fingerprint Time Clock

Price and rank updated 09/09/2022

uAttend's newest fingerprint time clock.

The uAttend JR2000 is a fingerprint time clock that connects to uAttend's subscription-based cloud software. This model has it all; finger sensor, Wi-Fi, touch-screen, and a badge reader.

To clock in, employees simply touch a sensor with their finger, the punch is automatically recorded in the cloud. No buddy punching.

It works by first registering a fingerprint from each employee. It creates a mathematical measurement of the fingerprint, a "template", not the fingerprint itself. When someone touches the sensor, it finds the matching template to clock them in.

We highly recommend you get employee consent before using the system. Have each of them sign a consent form that explains the process. Please research any regulations in your state.

What comes in the package?

  • One JR2000 fingerprint terminal
  • 6ft ethernet cable
  • AC power supply
  • Mounting hardware
  • Free support
  • Free lifetime warranty with uAttend subscription
  • uAttend subscription SOLD SEPARATELY

uAttend JR2000 system

Who is it best for?

Companies who prefer fingerprint biometrics, along with a subscription-based system. Works well for a single location, but becomes even more valuable for multiple locations.

How do employees clock in?

Employees place their registered finger on the sensor. When the punch is successful, it plays an audio confirmation. The punch will automatically be recorded in your uAttend cloud account.

How does it help prepare payroll?

uAttend's cloud software will summarize all employee hours. It will also lets you export data formatted for several payroll types such as QuickBooks, ADP, and PayChex.

What are the clock's features?

  • Biometric finger scanner
  • Touch screen
  • Wi-Fi or ethernet connectivity
  • Bright indicator light and audio confirms punches
  • Stores up to 5000 fingerprint templates

uAttend JR2000 features

What are the software features?

  • Approaching overtime alerts
  • Data available 24/7
  • View and approve time cards in real-time
  • Track employee vacations and accruals
  • Flexible employee punch options
  • Status bar shows employees in or out
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Affordable monthly subscriptions
  • 7 day a week support

How uAttend Works

How much does uAttend cost?

uAttend Pricing All monthly cloud account plans are designed for two time clocks, one administrator, and unlimited data exports in .csv format. Add $10 per month for each additional time clock over two. Add $6 per month for each additional administrator over one. Add $5 per month for data exports in formats other than .csv.

How much is support?

All uAttend support is free. It's included in their monthly subscription.

uAttend Cloud Connected Time & Attendance System


The uAttend JR2000 fingerprint time clock is a great choice with uAttend's subscription-based software. A finger sensor to prevent buddy punching, Wi-Fi to avoid ethernet cables, and uAttend's cloud system to manage your employees.

Best used for anyone who understands the value of subscription-based software, and want an affordable biometric solution.


  • Fingerprint terminal. Fast, easy, and secure
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for convenience
  • Comprehensive, cloud-based software that covers most situations
  • Free, 7 day a week support
  • Free lifetime warranty with subscription


  • No software trial period available
  • No annual subscription options