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uPunch FN1000 Time Clock

About the uPunch FN1000

The uPunch FN1000 is a unique top-loading, non-calculating time clock that comes with a free mobile app to calculate the hours.

The specially design time cards allow you to calculate the hours by using the free uPunch, Punch-to-Pay mobile app. Capture the hours using the camera on your smartphone, the app does the rest.

uPunch FN1000

Top-Loading, Non-Calculating Time Clock with Free Phone App


uPunch FNTCP1050

Time Cards for FN1000, 50 Pack


uPunch FNTCP1100

Time Cards for FN1000, 100 Pack


uPunch FNRB10

Ribbon for FN1000


uPunch HNTCR10

Time Card Rack for uPunch, 10 Pocket


Top 5 reasons to consider the uPunch FN1000

  • The price fits your budget
  • You have less than 25 employees
  • You want a standalone clock that prints on time cards
  • You like the idea of using a phone app to calculate hours
  • You want a time clock machine that feeds, aligns, and prints automatically

uPunch FN1000 video

Note: uPunch changed the design of the FN1000, so it may not look exactly the same in the video

uPunch FN1000 includes

  • FN1000 Auto Align Time Clock
  • Free Punch-to-Pay Mobile App
  • 100 time cards
  • Two keys
  • One ink ribbon

uPunch FN1000 features

  • Punch using paper time cards with six punches per day for in, out, and break punches
  • Two-color ink ribbon highlights early and late punches in red
  • Auto-align feature and alarm option to signal breaks
  • Support for an unlimited number of employees
  • Two-year warranty and unlimited free support seven days/week

uPunch Punch-to-Pay mobile app features

  • Scan time cards using your smartphone to upload punch data directly to the app
  • View and resolve punch errors right from your smartphone
  • Send pay period reports via email for easy payroll processing
  • Choose weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and semi-monthly pay period options
  • Enjoy automatic payroll calculations, including weekly and daily overtime